Steel Rules

CF Centre Face, Single Bevel

Center Face bevel has become the norm for cutting standard packaging materials.
Standard edge angle: 53° (others on request)

SF Side Face, Single Bevel

SF bevels are best suitable for cutting thick materials where a straight / vertical cut is required.
SF bevel is not available in “G” execution.

CFDB Centre Face, Double Bevel

This type of cutting bevel reduces the cutting force when cutting hard / thick materials such as glass fibre reinforced laminates, leather, cork, rubber, jigsaw puzzles, corrugated board, plastics, plywood. CFDB bevel is recommended for multi-layer cutting, when the thickness of the material exceeds the length of the first cutting bevel.

SFDB Side Face, Double Bevel

SFDB profile offers the same benefits as CFDB bevel when cutting thicker materials. The substrate is left with a square 90° cut edge and all the distortion from penetration is left on the material waste. SFDB bevel is not available in “G” execution.

Shaved edge (S)

The standard variant of Bohlerstrip cutting rules is a precision drawn, quality surface cutting face. It exhibits excellent bendability as well as height stability.

Sharpened edge (G)

For cost efficient cutting of plastics, rubber, laminates and coated materials a standard ground cutting edge has proven the best choice. For these applications we recommend our high frequency hardened cutting rules in standard ground execution (UNIVERSAL 40, UNIVERSAL 60 and UNIVERSAL 75). The ground cutting edge results in cleaner cutting faces, less knife wear and easy material penetration at the same time reducing the cutting force. For thermoforming jobs we recommend UNIVERSAL 60 “G”.

Polished edge (P)

Polished cutting rules combine the benefits of shaved and sharpened rules into one in terms of surface quality. With the particularly smooth bevel surface, you have:
  • reduced levels of dust 
  • less friction, hence reduced cutting force
  • improved cutting behaviour when die cutting ductile materials such as synthetics, film and laminates
  • excellent workability due to outstanding bendability
  • rounded transition from edge to base body

Finely ground rules (X)

These cutting rules are processed on a unique grinding machine applying razor blade technology, ensuring a super sharp cutting edge with superfine ground bevel (RA = 0.08 μm). Such properties are mandatory for professional die-cutting of delicate materials.

Single Round    SR

[pt] [mm]
3 1.05
4 1.42
6 2.13

Wide Top    WRT/WFT

[pt] [mm]
3/6 1.05/2.13
3/8 1.05/2.84
4/6 1.42/2.13
4/8 1.42/2.84

Wide Top Specials   WTT/WPC

[pt] [mm]
3/8 1.05/2.84
4/8 1.42/2.84